Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday night mind purge

I'm sore.
From painting my kitchen!
Which reminds me -- cabinet delivery the week of the 22nd!
(Happy birthday to ME indeed.)

Have found awesome
(and by that I mean awesome)
pendant lights for the kitchen island.
I would show them to you
but there are only two in the world.
I won't even tell you which Etsy seller has them.
Yes, I'm a little paranoid.
Because they are AWESOME.
(Overselling them a little, maybe?)

My kid?
She is the shezizzle.
I'm not kidding.
And gorgeous, too.
Maybe God gave us all we could hope for in one child for a reason?

Um, I'm sore.

There is much to do and it is getting done.

Ugh, work tomorrow.
: (
(Sad face.)

Rob has been the uber-husband tonight.
He painted ceilings,
cleared and burned debris,
shuttled the Bear to & from houses whenever we heard
"POTTY! I gotta go to the POTTY right NOW!"
And then he came home and made dinner.
And did laundry.
Thanks, honey.
I definitely noticed. : )

Ooooh -- Law & Order playing from the queue.
Gotta love U-Verse.

A new baby Brenner tomorrow.
Such a lucky girl.
I love her already.
(Her mama, too.)
(Yes, yes, and her papa. And sisters and brother. The lot of them!)

The siren song of Law & Order is calling me.

I'm so sore...