Monday, December 31, 2007

In the books

I have mixed feelings about bringing 2007 to a close, though I spose it doesn't matter all that much -- it's coming to an end whether I have mixed feelings or not.

I've always been fairly melancholy about the New Year. Maybe if I was more of a "glass half full" kind of girl I'd see it as a fresh start, but I've usually approached it as some kind of loss. Well, I've had my fill of loss already this year. And at the risk of sounding cold or dismissive, I'd like to leave the loss behind and close the door on 2007. There is little for me to remember fondly about this year and so I'm looking forward to all the opportunities that 2008 might hold:

Big changes at work, with (hopefully!) a new job and new responsibilities, not to mention a new salary.

Bigger changes at home, with renovations and -- bonus! -- redecorating galore. Ooooh, and landscaping! I almost forgot the landscaping.

Watching Sara as she becomes bigger, smarter, sweeter, and stronger every day. She kills me, this one. This has to be what they mean when they say "love grows."

Exciting changes at the lake, with a new house to match my brother's new boardwalk. I envision many many happy days there with family and friends.

Another diet. Of course there will be another diet. Isn't there always?

Travel. Who knows when, who knows where -- but it's coming to be sure.

There are some things that I know I'll miss this year... no garden as the property is bound to be a construction zone, and probably not as much time at the lake since it's going to be underway as well. And of course my parents. Always my parents.

Yep, ready to close this book and pick up the next one. It's been a long time coming. Happy New Year everyone!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Ricochet round

Why is it that I can work with really sick kids every day and never shed a tear, but when I land on a TLC special about premature quintuplets I have to take such a big breath to stop the tears that Rob asks from the other room if I'm OK? Is it me, or is that just crazy?


We (yes, we) have managed to keep the house picked up for 24 hours. MONUMENTAL.


I don't know how many things I threw out today but I way overshot my 20-item goal.


Sara. Seriosly, what am I going to do about her?I mean I love her so I can't kill her but come on -- free falling from the coffee table onto the couch? Who could have predicted that? This is why she is not allowed to be in the living room by herself anymore.


Can't wait to see more of the pictures that Elaine took. CAN'T WAIT!!!


Mike Spencer seemed to make a point out of having me cry last week. Lots of talk about the holidays without my parents. Yeah, at times it will suck. I know it will. But I don't really want this to be My First Christmas As An Orphan. Really, and maybe I shouldn't disclose this admission of complete selfishness, but I am kind of making a point of enjoying this Christmas. Like, holiday music on the car since the week of Thanksgiving and trees and lights and cookies and "It's a Wonderful Life" popcorn nights. It's been so long since I've had a choice about whether or not to feel happy that I'm really opting in this year. Besides, my folks wouldn't want it any other way.


Need to finish Sara's stocking... I actually cut out all the pieces and pinned it together two years ago, before she was born: An angel with a red gown on a cream stocking with green trim and her name along the bottom. And then, well... all hell broke loose. Two years later and I can finally finish. Besides, when I started I didn't know what color to make her hair. Now I do. :)


Happy Holidays everybody!