Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday night catechism

There's this CD that I put on for Sara every night. Scattered throughout are various "nature" sounds -- rain, water, birds, stuff like that. After a little section with birds chirping, I told Sara about how her Grandma really liked birds. She liked how colorful they were, and how they sang, and how they hopped around. She liked to feed them and watch them. And then Sara said "I feed birds." And I told her yes, that we could feed the birds too.

And then she asked, "Where Grandma?"

Now this is not new territory. When Dad died I told her that he had gone to heaven to live with God and Jesus and Grandma, and so we've talked lots of times about where Grandma and Grandpa live. So I asked her: "Where does Grandma live?"

And she said, "Heaben."

So I told her yes, Grandma lives in heaven with Grandpa and God and Jesus.

A couple of minutes pass and she said "Where God?"

Hmmm. What would that two-year-old mind make of this? "Well, God lives in heaven. But it's kind of tricky, because He's here, too. He's everywhere. He lives in our hearts and He's always with us. We can't see Him but if we listen we can hear Him, and we can feel Him too."

To which she said, "God in heaben."

"Yep, God's in heaven and here and everywhere."

There was this little pause, and I thought the conversation was over. But then I hear her little voice, and it's obvious she's been thinking about what I've said.


Tricky, indeed.

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Anonymous said...


is she your kid or what? "tricky." i LOVE that.

we just entered 9/11 discussions tonight with lina...thanks to a neighbor kid (whom I could now kill) and let me just say that's tricky.