Wednesday, January 07, 2009

One less thing to feel guilty about

Our dirty little secret:

While Skip was here & time was tight, we became regular users (and possible abusers) of paper plates. Chinet paper plates, to be specific. And though we have cut back our consumption of these no-need-to-wash-them! delights, we are still occasional users.

I wonder what kind of drug they give you to come off your no-dishpan-hands high? Methascrub? Washadone?

Anyway, as I was washing the dishes tonight I was looking at the (brand new, economy-sized) package of Chinet and saw that not only is it made from recycled materials it is also biodegradable in home composting.

And my first thought was -- cool! I'm not as much of a slacker as I thought. (Not as much.) I'll be sure to add future plates to the compost bin.

And my second thought was -- really? What a weird thing to emblazon across the front of their product. Because honestly, I doubt that most home composters are likely to buy disposable plates, and I doubt that most users of disposable plates are home composters.

Except us, of course.

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Richard Harrison said...

Bonus! I had no idea of their composting value. . .