Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bottle it up

There are lots of things about being Sara at the age of three that I'd like to bottle up and save for another day because I know they would come in handy:

  • Her boundless energy. (BOUNDLESS.)
  • Her uncluttered honesty.
  • Her insatiable thirst to know everything. (EVERYTHING.)
  • Her frequently issued hugs and kisses.
  • Her drive for fun and adventure.
  • Her soft, smooth, clear, creamy skin. (I SO WISH.)
  • Her innocence.
  • Her optimism.
  • Her propensity to make up words that are just right.
  • Her abs of steel. (OR MAYBE TITANIUM.)
  • Her infectious sense of humor.
  • Her sweet heart.
  • Her simple problems.
  • Her ability to forgive.
  • Her honest, undeserved, pure, unfiltered, endless love for her family and friends. (AND KITTIES AND NEIGHBORHOOD DOGS.)

I'd also like to bottle up her fashion sense. Because the girl likes what she likes, and she isn't afraid to work it.

I guess we can consider that bottled.

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