Friday, October 20, 2006

an advent christian

for a long time i've believed that there is something immature about being an advent christian. you know -- all the hope with none of the pain. and trying to be an easter christian has always been a struggle for me.

but now i think it's got to be ok to be an advent christian.

just to be clear, i'm not talking the first four sundays leading up to christmas, but all year long. for me this means feeling close to God in the wonder of Him, in the mystery and quietness of Him. my kind of advent christianity is the cold, dark, clear, bright night that was full of questions and probably fear but also promise. there is a stillness and curiosity about it, and for me a thankfulness that God came to be with us, live like us, love us in the flesh.

the other night i started singing to sara and i realized that all the songs were advent songs. i like them because they are simple melodies that speak of the fulfillment of the promise and the hope of what's to come. they are calming to me, but still stir me up in a way that no praise song has ever done. i mean how much more exciting can it be?? God is coming! here! now! and He's going to live with us for awhile! can you believe it?!

no, i'm not pretending that that's the end of the story. there is much more scripture devoted to the rest of Jesus' life and i have to assume that is not merely happenstance. we are an Easter people -- i get it. (i don't get it enough, but i get it.) but i am also an advent girl, that's how i feel closest to Him. and if that's the case, it can't be so bad, right?

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Anonymous said...

Are you familiar with Andrew Peterson's music? A lot of his music has that feel to it (and I hadn't really noticed that until I read this post). :)

~KJ (of 2a)