Saturday, February 17, 2007

My life, courtesy of Nabisco

So I've been hearing NBC's evening news promoting their series on adults caring for their parents. The latest installment seems to be about those of us who are caring not only for our parents but our children as well. (I remembered this as I carried Dad's pills up for his last round tonight but stopped by my room to give Sara her bottle first: Vicodin and steroids in one hand, warm milk in the other.)

"The sandwich generation" is what came to mind. I'm sure I didn't coin the term -- I'm not that original -- but it is appropos. I imagined myself as an Oreo cookie -- the white goo in the middle holding the two outside pieces together.

And then I realized that I, personally, would be a Double Stuf. Cause you know, there's a lot of me to love.


Pat said...

Ket, sounds like you are having a time of it. Yes, most of us in Gen Sandwich feel smooshed. Visit my Gen Sandwich blog at Sometimes I Feel Like a Piece of Bologna! I think I like the oreo better.

Amy H said...

Love your new avatar. Hang in there...