Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The way of things

Dad: Fell today. Seems a little less alert to me and a bit more confused. I'm just going with whatever comes our way. I'm not sure what else I think I can do about it anyway.

Sara: Nearly got frostbite yesterday (see below -- and no, I'm not kidding). Then she took a header off of the changing table and landed on her face. Her right cheek is purple and swollen. And, as usual, she's not sleeping well.

Rob: Also having sleeping troubles. This happens to him from time to time. It's rough on all of us. Plus he's the designated Dad picker-upper who just happens to have a bad back. And he's the resident "mechanic" who's fighting a losing battle (again, see below).

Cars: They're all dying. I'm not kidding: yesterday we got five minutes into the drive to work when we turned around because the self-destruct alarm on Dad's minivan went off and never stopped. Sara was freezing and screaming from the cold. I felt like such a good mom. Today the fan on the Mazda started to go. There are four vehicles between these two houses and not one of them is really appropriate to drive right now. I believe God is trying to tell us something. Problem is, He's not footing the bill...

Weather: Um, snowy. And cold. Yes, indeed -- there is ice on the window.

Me: Tired. Resigned. Waiting to see what happens next. I've stopped believing that there's an end in sight. There's no end. It's just a really long, bumpy road.

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