Sunday, January 27, 2008


So, I officially started my new full-time job last Monday.

I began an annoying but bearable cough Wednesday.

Thursday I had to leave early to come home and take care of Sara because Rob was so sick he had her (and I quote) "penned up in her room" and fending for herself.

Friday I was hacking, achy, shivering then sweating -- another day off work.

Up all night Saturday with a new upset stomach and an ever-increasing cough.

Today, add, um... "GI issues" to the mix.

Rob has only made mild improvements.

And did I mention our water heater died Friday night? That's fun, too.

Tomorrow marks week 2 of my long-anticipated new job and I'm not even sure I'll be there. I will have had as many days off as I worked.


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