Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My life as a Def Leppard hit

The walls are tumbling down. Literally. As I type this, I see the bare studs of the bedroom walls and feel the grit of plaster dust on the keyboard. Ah yes, it is grand.

I am not complaining for a minute, FYI.

Still, construction adds a whole new dimension to day-to-day living: Most rooms are an obstacle course. I routinely find building materials on my dining room table, kitchen counter, and bathroom vanity. And the dust? Well... it permeates.

In order to self-medicate my way through the process I have spent countless hours online Googling any number of household improvements. If you'd like an opinion on kitchen appliances, countertop options, or replacement windows just give me a buzz. I'm still reading up on whirlpool tubs and stamped concrete though, so if you'd like my take on those you're just going to have to wait.

Oh -- and on a completely unrelated note, my incredibly talented friend Elaine has posted some of my handiwork on her blog. Dig me! I'm creative! (And thanks, Elaine, for the very nice comments. You're not too shabby yourself.)

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