Thursday, May 01, 2008

No news

I haven't really got a blessed thing to say, though I'm sure I'll spend a few hundred words here saying it. The father-in-law is coming Monday and I will admit to being mighty excited about the work that's going to get done after he arrives. Rob has finals tomorrow and I have to admit to being mighty excited about the work that's going to get done after he's finished with school.

Sara's great. She's taken to saying "Hey Mama! Guess what! It's ________ time!" You can fill in the blank with whatever she's jonesing for at the time: Dora, dinner, bath, snack, whatever. It's pretty funny. Isn't she a cutie? (I think so.)

I took today & tomorrow off from work -- simply because I can, which is a novelty for me. I spent the morning outside with Sara, drinking a lot of coffee, wandering the perimeter of the house thinking we should do this or that & trying to imagine how it's all going to look when it's done. Spent a fair amount of time pushing Sara on her "red one" (her red swing, not to be confused with Oscar's "green one" a couple houses down) and examining all varieties of rocks that she put on the bench next to me. We also fed the birds, which Sara very politely announced to the robin hopping along our front walk: "We go get you lunch now, OK bird?" I assume he gave her the all-clear because we filled up the feeder in short order.

It was a good day, with time spent outside & in, drawing pictures of Sara and Mam and Papa and Aunt Pants on the MagnaDoodle, lunch at MCL -- where she insisted on wearing her striped, newborn fleecy jester hat throughout the meal, thank you very much -- and a nice nap so Mama could clean the bathroom & get dinner ready. There was a nice rhythm to the day, not too busy, not to slow, just right.

Ah, for more of these. Someday. I know it will come.

For now, back to work. There's laundry to do and a bedroom to prepare for Rich. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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Amy H said...

perhaps a little window on things to come...