Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I can't do it all ~OR~ My to-do list is actually quite short

Here is what I do:
  • Get up with Sara every morning
  • Feed her (or at least keep her from eating candy for breakfast)
  • Shower
  • Get dressed
  • Make coffee -- sometimes, drink it
  • Look for breakfast to eat in the car -- sometimes, find it
  • Think about finding something to take for lunch -- sometimes, make it
  • Work: that's another post entirely
  • Get home & assume Sara responsibility
  • Clean house -- no, pick up crap; no time for cleaning
  • Ask Rob to do laundry (a few times a week)
  • Sometimes fold it
  • Worry about the house
  • Worry about money
  • Worry about Sara/my health/the future
  • Go to the grocery
  • Cook
  • Wash dishes
  • Keep Sara from killing herself
  • Give her a bath
  • Argue with her
  • Bargain with her
  • Discipline her
  • Put her to bed
  • Several times each night
  • Collapse
  • Sleep
  • Get up and do it again
  • Wonder why

Here's what I don't do:
  • Make a healthy breakfast for Sara & myself
  • Get to work on time
  • Enjoy my job/consistently make a difference
  • Spend time playing with Sara
  • Plan menus to have healthy dinners & lunches prepared
  • Exercise
  • Enjoy 15 minutes of quiet, just for me (maybe drinking coffee)
  • Get enough sleep
  • Spend enough time with Rob
  • Spend enough time with my friends
  • Read (daily)
  • Write (daily)
  • Create (daily)
  • Behave nicely (all the time)
  • Do the things I really enjoy doing, every single day
  • Live happily with less
  • Simplify (everything)

All I need to do:

  • Switch titles on the lists above.

1 comment:

Amy H said...

oh sister! I hear you. Let's try and take a quilting class or something...