Wednesday, February 11, 2009

bad decisions bite

or should i say, they bite you in the ass.

work today was really pretty awful, and this on the heels of a lousy couple of weeks.  taking my current job was a bad decision on a lot of different fronts.  bad for me, bad for rob, bad for my work relationships, bad for my health...  bad.  i've learned a lesson in all of this (i suppose that could be considered "good"), but now i'm ready to move on.  unfortunately life dictates that, at least for now, i can't.

it would be nice to know that i'll never make another bad decision -- but let's face it.  life doesn't play out that way.  perhaps it's reasonable to hope that i won't make another bad decision with such far-reaching collateral damage?  maybe?  maybe?

yep.  those best-laid plans of mine, they're biting me right in the ass.  [ouch]

i prayed tonight that if there was another path -- one that was good for me, good for rob, good for my health -- i would recognize it and not be afraid to take it, no matter how outrageous it may seem.  that would be a leap for me.  of course i had better not repeat the mistakes i made last time around because, then?

another bad decision.  and my butt is still smarting from the last one, thank you very much.

i'm off now to stew about the day and wrestle with my anger.  should be a delightful evening.  so looking forward to tomorrow.


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