Sunday, February 22, 2009

Late night conversation (when late is eight)

When you're three, five must seem like an awful lot.  It's nearly twice your age and manages to use up all your fingers.  It's a lot.  Just ask Sara.

Last night as I was laying with her before she fell asleep, Sara asked me who my best friend was.  Then she said -- "I know, Papa and me."  Who could argue?  She seemed very impressed that I have two best friends.  Not content to stop there, she quickly said "Oh wait, Grandma and Grampa are your best friends, too.  You have FOUR best friends!" and proudly showed me her four fingers.  By now I could see where this was going, so I waited to see who lucky number five would be.  Nana?  My sister?  Pete, our cat?

"Oh Mama!  Jesus is your other best friend.  You have FIVE best friends!  Wow that is a lot!"

This girl.  So smart.  She kills me.

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