Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I want to blog. I have two posts sitting in the queue, waiting to be written. For whatever reason, I find myself unable to get them out.

So, I'm posting this instead. A reminder that I am here. I have not yet been swallowed up by my job (though the corporation seems more and more determined to do so), or crushed by impatience (though this home-renovation project is testing my limits) or done in by responsibilities (though bills and estates and dinner and preschool conferences do tend to consume inordinate amounts of thought, if not time).

I am here. I still want to grow gardens and learn how to sew, to put up food for my family and craft in my attic, to stay home with Sara and learn how to play again. I want to become healthier and keep my family healthy. I want to opt in to voluntary simplicity and repurpose everything under our roof. I want to be organized enough to remember to send birthday cards and thank you notes. I want to give back to everyone who has given to me, then just keep on giving. I want to enjoy some quiet.

It all seems very far away.

I'm still here. If you can't hear me, come find me -- OK?

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