Saturday, May 16, 2009

New love

A rainy Saturday with a busy three-year-old is always a crap shoot.


Ours has, so far at least, turned out to be a pretty good one -- thanks in no small part to our (newly renewed) effort to get by on the cheap.

Yes, I sense a new series coming:  Indy On the Cheap

As for my new love?  The new (grossly over-budget, chronically delayed, much maligned) Central Library.  I had never been before today, and I must say I'm sorry I waited so long.  So many possibilities -- I can't wait!  If you are one of the six people left in Central Indiana who hasn't been yet, you should go.  Soon.

Now, off for some fresh-baked cookies & then a snore with the Bear.  More adventures to follow....  puddle jumping will likely be on the agenda.

Happy Rainy Saturday!

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GranolaMom4God said...

Please post on "Indy on the cheap!!" We need fresh ideas!

:) Thanks for following me on Twitter!