Friday, May 15, 2009

Puddle jumpers

In a twist that surprises even me, I have come to realize that the thing I love doing more than anything in the world is taking Sara on a walk in search of puddles. Because really, what is better than a three-year-old in rain gear -- pink & purple kitty-cat rubber boots, purple & pink butterfly slicker -- bobbling down the way looking for the perfect splashing opportunity?

Nothing. Nothing is better.

The surprise on her face and the belly laugh that follows when she jumps into a particularly deep & muddy puddle... nothing is better.

The smell of the honeysuckle that hangs heavy in the humidity and the way she wrinkles her nose when she smells the flowers... nothing is better. Nothing.

The time we spend together, talking about nothing and everything while she connects the dots from one little pool to the next... Right. There is simply nothing better.

Thank you, God, for rain and honeysuckle and pink & purple kitty cat boots, and thank you for giving me this girl who is teaching me about all the best things in life, one puddle at a time.

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