Saturday, November 11, 2006

who ever heard of sleeping in on the weekends?

so, it's 7:20am on saturday morning. i've been up for... about 2 1/2 hours? something like that.

trying desperately not to be frustrated with my husband who, rather than getting close enough to our daughter to realize that she did indeed have poo on her boo (a fate worse than death in her opinion) opted instead to toss a few toys in her crib and pull the pillow over his head. all that this managed to accomplish was to get her more wound up and angrier about above said poo.

i let a few minutes pass, hoping in vain that she would settle down but alas -- at a little after 5:00 (yes that's AM) i hauled my ever-widening butt out of bed to clean up her boo, and knew that my day had already started without me. and now, at 7:20, the bear is back in bed for a nap. at 7:20.


and i wonder why i can't seem to lose the dark circles under my eyes. because you know there's only so much the mary kay concealer can do.


planning for the big first birthday "party." i feel a little lame for being this excited about it but i haven't had much of anything fun to look forward to over the last year and i never get to entertain. the part of me that has reason to see mike spencer is convinced that no one will come, but the rest of me doesn't so much care.

to that end, i went to borders looking for birthday cake ideas. found a great book (which i then checked out from the library -- though i might opt to buy it from my favorite local bookseller) and it is chockablock with some pretty tasty looking cake recipes. in a bold move on the author's part, it is titled birthday cakes.


need to make a run to the storage unit. we had (obviously) not planned to still be here at dad's and all of our fall/winter clothes and coats are packed somewhere in there. i'm tired just thinking about having to find what we need.


looking forward to hearing the indianapolis arts chorale tomorrow at meridian street methodist. i do miss singing. maybe someday... will have to get some lessons first though. sara doesn't so much care about the static in my voice but i suspect that wouldn't be true of the director.


with the trip to philly fast approaching i am beginning to wonder how/if we will be able to sleep while we're there. i'm not sure how the pack & play is going to fly as "crib." frankly i don't think it would be all that comfortable. anyone have suggestions?


better to find some breakfast. the bear's snore will turn into a roar before i know it.

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