Sunday, March 01, 2009


There's finally an attic.  It's huge.  When the house is done I'm pretty sure my family will only see me if they make there way up there.

Starting to get anxious about the costs of finishing everything.  We are doing the buying/installation of a lot of the finishes.  Not only trim & paint & doorknobs (the doorknobs!  you can't imagine how many doorknobs are in your house) but small things like, oh... the kitchen.  So, in thinking about my attic I've resolved to do it all (caveats to follow) by either reusing or repurposing things we already have or by using thrifted items.  Lord knows we have enough random pieces of furniture and tchotchke already up there that I can make a good dent without much of an investment besides my time and a little elbow grease.  

There might have to be a couple of exceptions, like a good work table or two and a couple of ergonomic chairs as well.  But other than that, I have no real excuse for laying out a lot of money on this space.  Besides, I kind of like the challenge and will have some fun doing it.  And it seems fitting, doesn't it?  To fill my attic back up with castoffs -- only this time, with a new life!

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