Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Just had a little spontaneous minor surgery. Love that.

I have had this lump/bump on the top of my head for awhile now, but for a long time it was just sort of a curiousity -- it didn't really bother me so I forgot it was there. But over the last few weeks it's been bugging me a lot and started getting bigger. So, I decided to have it checked out.

Because have I ever mentioned that both of my parents died of cancer, and I have a three year old to raise? Yes? Just checking.

Rob informs me this AM that he'd like to come with me because he's been worried about it too. Huh. Bonus points to him for not letting on that he's worried, cause, you know... then I would have worried. (HA!)

Anyway, she looks at it & says blah blah blah, it's probably benign, blah blah blah, we can remove it if you want, blah blah blah, do you want to do it now? And next thing you know she's doing minor surgery on my head.

I mean I know it's nothing but it's still kind of fun to say that I had spontaneous minor surgery on my head.

That was about 90 minutes ago and now that thing itches like a mother. (What does that mean, anyway -- "like a mother?") I have a big iodine stain, a clump of hard, crunchy hair and a nasty yellowish spot about the size of a nickel in the middle of my head, which I am more or less hiding by this new giant headband I got at Kohl's on Sunday. Talk about your fortuitous purchases. But it was Kohls, and everything is always on sale at Kohls. Plus Sara said she wants to "share" it with me. Uh-huh.

Oh -- and did I mention IT ITCHES?

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